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Novidades sobre o destrave do 0225!!!


Enfim mais notícias do destrave do 0225.

O k3rn3l, usuário do #fw e membro do TEAM do C4EVA parece ser o porta-voz da equipe e nos brinda com algumas infos de vez em quando, hoje mais uma vez eu estava no lugar certo e na hora certa, vejam o trecho do chat no #fw (em inglês):

[13:30] <@k3rn3l> the new ap25 / xdg3 disc ripping works is going really well atm
[13:30] <asapreta> k3rn3l, nice
[13:30] <pyr> k3rn3l so isos is still same size?
[13:30] <asapreta> benq oly atm?
[13:31] <@k3rn3l> benq only atm yes
[13:31] <@k3rn3l> the new xbox backup creator will be awesome
[13:31] <pyr> k3rn3l but the isos is same size as now?
[13:31] <@k3rn3l> the team is working very hard – so much new stuff going on behind the scenes :)
[13:32] <asapreta> hope new JF is awesome too
[13:32] <@k3rn3l> i will also have several places setup soon where you can send your 0225 drive and get it converted so you can write fw to it
[13:32] <dunework> k3rn3l: so do you recommend people that have a 0225 buy a 9504 drive?
[13:32] <dunework> oh
[13:33] <asapreta> drives will be converted????
[13:33] <@k3rn3l> ill be taking applications from skilled engineers
[13:33] <asapreta> doesnt like that.
[13:33] <@k3rn3l> i already have USA, CANADA, UK sorted
[13:33] <DarkAssas> k3rn3l will be 0800 for other drives in future&
[13:33] <DarkAssas> ?
[13:34] <@k3rn3l> perhaps – thats c4′s call
[13:34] <@k3rn3l> but ap25 work has always been done on benq in the past – so no idea if there is something “special”
[13:34] <dunework> k3rn3l, any idea on pricing to have the 0225 converted?
[13:34] <@k3rn3l> no idea yet
[13:34] <@k3rn3l> its very skilled to do it
[13:34] <@k3rn3l> but it works – we have tested
[13:35] <SpkLeader> what’s involved k3rn3l? ic replacement?
[13:35] <dunework> is the other option to purcahse a 9504 drive and write 0225 fw to it?
[13:35] <@k3rn3l> if you can find a genuine 9504 drive yeah
[13:35] <@k3rn3l> all the ones out there are fake
[13:35] <DarkAssas> k3rn3l, lt 2.0 only for 0225 or for all drives?
[13:36] <@k3rn3l> im assuming it will eventually be for all drives. C4 is keeping that one close to his chest atm.
[13:36] <@k3rn3l> there are some nice surprises coming
[13:36] <SiD> so 0225 need hardware modif to be flashable?
[13:36] <dunework> will microsoft be able to write to 0225 drives once they’re converted?
[13:36] <Dancing> kernel, but there will be cfw’s released shortly after this dash update, correct?
[13:36] <@k3rn3l> dunework – who knows ? you have to ask microsoft
[13:37] <dunework> cool, thanks for the news k3rn3l
[13:38] <@k3rn3l> np
[13:39] <@k3rn3l> the lesson here is to ignore all the haters and bashers. C4 and the rest of the team are VERY active atm.
[13:43] <Sult> k3rn3l: can we convert 0225 at our home?
[13:44] <@k3rn3l> lol no
[13:44] <@k3rn3l> i wish it were that simple
[13:45] <mr-crix> how much will this conversion cost?
[13:45] <@k3rn3l> mmm im not sure – maybe becuase its fucking hard ? heh
[13:45] <Sult> Okay so k3rn3l that means that once converted, a 0225 drive will be writeable forever?
[13:45] <Sult> MS can’t lock it down again?
[13:46] <@k3rn3l> fuck knows
[13:46] <@k3rn3l> ask MS
[13:47] <Sult> Okay then if I understand correctly, 0225 convert means it’s the same drive, no 9504 swap, and total writeable. If so, congrats guys!
[13:47] <mr-crix> yup soounds like a winner to me


Em resumo, o drive 0225 vai precisar de uma modificação par ser destravado e esta modificação não é caseira. Não se tem idéia do preço que deve ser e que existem também drives 9504 “falsos” à venda. Muitas novidades estão por vir.

Agora é aguardar.

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